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  • What to expect during your first appointment

    A pending appointment with a custom clothier may bring up questions of what to expect during the visit.  I’d like to take away any anxiety or guess-work you may have and tell you all about it.  You’ll need to set aside approximately 1 hour for an initial consultation. Future consultations will take less time.

    • First, come to our studio! We have a unique studio in the heart of Old Towne Fairfax where my team and I conduct appointments and work with clients. I built the business by going to my clients office or home and I still offer this. 
    • Next I will take 25 measurements and several digital photographs.  Meanwhile, we can talk about your style, your “wardrobe” challenges, your preferences and the image you want to convey.
    • I bring a sample jacket for fit to see how you move and where we need to make adjustments in your measurements.
    • Next, we will sit and go through the fabric swatches and make the fabric selections for your garments.  Based on our discussions, I will help you choose the colors, style and fabric type best suited for you and your needs.
    • Once the “main items” are selected, we’ll go talk about the accessorizing details such as monograms, button placement, button type, collar preference, shoes, belts, braces, cuff links and ties.  Again, I will help you with each and every selection, show you samples and make recommendations.

    That’s all!!  Once the measurement and consultation are complete, the order is placed the same day in our office with your deposit of half the purchase cost.  Your garments will arrive between 5-6 weeks after the order is placed.  Accessories take approximately two weeks; custom-made suits, sport coats and pants may take up to six weeks.  Upon Arrival of the order, I will bring the garments to you and ensure they fit exactly right according to order specifications.  Once everything is approved, the order balance will be due at that time.  Anytime you have any questions concerns or even the most minor problem, I’m available to come to you or discuss it over the phone.

    Time and again, I have been told that it is the convenience and personal care that I offer that makes the services of personal clothier invaluable to my clients.

    Isn’t that the kind of convenience and freedom from hassles of shopping that you’ve been looking for?

    Allow me to summarize exactly what you should expect from me:

    1. Ultimate convenience.  No need to spend hours in a men’s store, subject yourself to pressure purchases by commissioned salesmen and having to return for fittings and pick up.
    2. Personalized service.  I help you from start to finish making suggestions and recommendations based on your style and your preferences.
    3. Customized fitting and alterations.  A great fit is  noticeable and attractive.  When your garments fit you exactly, they will be completely comfortable.  Your beautiful garments will last because i will continue to make necessary alterations and mending work on them.
    4. Professional advice.  You may not have the time or interest in finding the latest styles, colors and trends.  That’s why I do it for you.
    5. Selection and style.  Your wardrobe should be versatile.  I’ll help you build and maintain a wardrobe that can be mixed and matched.  A wardrobe that fits multiple occasions, business, casual or formal through every season.
    6. Complete line of accessories.  A well-made suit is not complete without finishing touches like shoes, belts, ties, cuff links and pocket squares.  I will make the appropriate recommendations from our wide selections of accessories.

    I hope you can see that how the experience and benefits of working with a haberdasher can be of great value to your professional and personal life.  I truly believe that the time and comfort and upscale style that you will gain will add to the quality of your life in ways that you cannot imagine.

    – Todd Baldwin, Haberdasher –