Custom Men's Clothing: Suits, Shirts, Slacks and More. We Serve the Entire Washington D.C. Region

Properly proportioned custom clothing has a dramatic effect on improving your appearance. William T. Clothiers goes to great lengths to design custom men's clothing that fits both your physical appearance and your personality. We take up to twenty-five measurements and digital pictures of our clients which are then sent to our garment-makers to guarantee a perfect fit.

Choose from Hundreds of Patterns and Fabrics for Custom Men's Clothing that Fit Your Body and Your Personality

Even if you are a 42 regular, an off-the-rack selection is limited and can never offer you the scope of fabrics that you will find with William T. Clothiers. We have hundreds of fabrics in different weights and patterns which can be customized to your fit. The materials and workmanship that go into our custom clothing is of exceptional quality that far exceeds what is available in stores. You may also see examples of the wonderful pieces Todd has built on our men and women's gallery page.

Custom men's clothing from WT Clothiers, including custom suiting

Custom Suits

When you wear a suit that was made just for you, the glove-perfect fit isn’t where the benefits stop. People notice how well the suit fits, the details in the stitching, custom patterns, and flawless matching with ties, cufflinks, shirts, shoes, and belts.



Custom men's clothing, including tailor made shirts from WT Clothiers.

Custom Shirts

Whether you like your shirts a bit loose or nice and snug, we’ll custom-tailor premium fabrics and patterns to complement your wardrobe and make you look good! Shirts have many variations that help to make your own a unique creation. From tapering to various collar styles, and french cuffs to standard cuffs with beveled edges, William T. will get you in a shirt that’s made just for you.


Custom men's clothing, including made-to-measure slacks and pants from WT Clothiers.

Custom Pants

The right pants can flatter your physique, whatever its shape and size. Our options include various choices of patterns, colors, pocket linings, cuffs, pleats, and often-overlooked fabric selections that will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.