Wardrobe Consulting

Wardrobe Consulting Washington DC | Fairfax VAProperly fitted and proportioned clothing has a dramatic impact on how you are perceived. Often, the first thing that people will notice is your appearance. People tend to form an initial impression about you rather quickly, in fact within the first 30 seconds or less. It is within this time that a person decides to pursue any type of relationship with you. Studies have shown this first impression matters greatly when you want to build lasting trust. If your first impression starts on the wrong foot, gaining that trust is an uphill battle at best.

Although you can't control everything about your appearance, you can certainly control how you are dressed. Your suit and outfit can go a long way in enhancing those qualities about your appearance that you can't always control, such as your height or your weight. Not only should your clothing fit you properly and improve your physical appearance, but it should fit your personality and communicate your style and character. There is nothing more distracting than a sleeve that is too long, jacket shoulders that droop, or mismatched shirt and tie.

What is also frustrating is having shirts, ties and suits that cannot be mixed and matched. It's limiting your selection at best and a waste of money at worst.