Style That Transcends Time








With years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of men's and women's custom clothing, William T. Clothiers will help you convey the best possible reflection of yourself. 

Convenience: We know your busy, that’s why we make it easy to outfit your image by bringing everything to you- at your home or office.

Personalized Service: We will listen to your specific needs and create a garment that is uniquely yours.

Custom Fit & Alterations: We take up to 25 measurements and digital photos so you’re guaranteed a fit that looks and feels perfect. Our in-house master tailor can also work her magic on any alterations your existing wardrobe needs.

Selection and Style: Hundreds of fabrics in various weights and patterns can be customized to your fit. We’ll help you build and maintain a wardrobe that fits every occasion. 


The fit of a Custom shirt will never go out of style.