Professor Morris's testimonial


Todd Baldwin has been my haberdasher for over 20 years.  Every item Todd has made for me fits perfectly and I look forward to wearing his clothing each day.  

When a day arrives that my "last clean shirt" isn't one from Todd, I'll wear it but notice the difference all day.  The tails are shorter, the pocket is a pain and the fit simply isn't good.  I will make a point of leaving work early to stop at the dry cleaners to pick up my clean shirt made by Todd.

I have a custom suit he urged me to order.  One evening on the Acela back from a long day in New York, I was sitting quietly wearing the custom suit, a grey pinstripe with all the features I like (ticket pocket, pick stitching, contrast lining, pants liked to the knees, and contrasting stitching throughout).  

A woman stood up and walked over to me and stood in front of me. She whispered (it was in the Quiet Car): "excuse me, but I can't help but admire your suit! My goodness, where did you get such an elegant and refined suit? I hate to bother you but I had to ask!"  I opened the jacket to show the label and write down Todd's information for her.

I am proud to refer friends to Todd.  Long ago I introduced Todd to a close friend -- his father owned the company where we both worked and built Crystal City from scratch.  Since that meeting, my friend has become a lifelong client of Todd's -- this is over 20 years.  My friend used to shop all over the world - literally flying to paris and London for suits, sportcoats and slacks. NO MORE.  He gets all his clothing from Todd in the comfort of his office or his home.

Todd's style of in-office or in-home shopping and deliver is old fashioned and no one does it anymore.  He is so expert at measuring your physique that I simply let him do his job.  I like my suit jackets sleeves a bit shorter to show 1/2" of my French cuffs.  But he already knows that so its part of the program.

Naturally, I recommend Todd highly and please contact me for any questions you may have.

Professor J Morris
Georgetown University