Custom jeans available now at WT Clothiers

Everyone has that one pair of jeans that fit, look and feel just right. Everyone also knows the struggle of finding another pair of jeans that duplicate those same feelings. Here at WT Clothiers, we can essentially clone your favorite pair of jeans so that you now have two, three or even four “go-to”, perfect fitting pairs of denim pants. Our second-to-none tailoring services will duplicate the cut, fit, color and size of your jeans so there is absolutely no difference between pairs. William T Clothing is now offering custom made jeans. Bring in a pair of jeans that you like and we will duplicate that fit and add your own personal touch and style to a pair of jeans

 If you want the same jeans but in another color, we offer the ability to create your perfect fitting jeans but change the color so now you have more options and colors to choose from! Call or stop in to WT Clothiers and get your dream pair of jeans now!  


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