Are white shirts practical?

It turns out that when the fit is custom tailored and the fabric is of high quality, a white shirt can evoke the elegant, classic style of a James Bond or a Cary Grant.
If you're concerned that white can be bland, remember that you have a variety of stylish options to create interest while still taking advantage of the crisp, fresh look of white in your wardrobe:
  • Buttons-Metallic or colored buttons add interest without overwhelming.
  • Contrast fabrics-Design your shirt using a colored fabric for the body, with a white collar and cuffs for a crisp look.
  • Interior details-Your white shirt can use colored fabrics for the inside collar and button placket.
  • Fabrics-White shirts made in silk, cotton or linen give off their own distinctive vibes.
  • Collar choices-Express your style through your collar preferences. Choose from spread, classic, button-down, tab, hidden button, wing tip collars. You may want to set off your white shirts with a collar pin.
When you design for style, a white dress shirt is no longer a default option-it's the elegant option. 
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