The Business Casual Look

Have you ever thought about wearing jeans with a sport coat but didn’t know if it was appropriate? Maybe you didn’t want to wear a tie to work but did because you thought you had to wear a tie to be professional.

The casual look is one that is challenging to pull off but if you can do it, it will add a whole new aspect to your look and professional appearance. Here are 3 things that can help you with your business casual look.



The Quality of jeans is very important when wearing them in the business setting. Wrangler and Levi jeans are not appropriate to adequately achieve the look you want, when you buy jeans you should act as if your buying a nice pair of dress pants. Make sure the jeans are dark, the darker the jeans the dressier they are.


Sport Coat:

It is essential that you base your casual wardrobe off a nice sport coat. The reason for this is that it gives you more of a professional look compared to wearing just khakis and a shirt. The sport coat should be more muted with light patterns or a solid color, especially when you aren’t wearing a tie.  In addition, make sure you are wearing a pressed shirt with a collar that can comfortably sit under your sport coat.



Accessories are the status symbols of your casual wardrobe. These kinds of accessories include things like watches, belts, and shoes. Another accessory you can add to your wardrobe arsenal is the pocket square. When you don’t want to wear a tie the pocket square is the perfect accessory for your outfit. It adds a little flavor to your wardrobe and displays a certain level of confidence to others around you. This little accessory can be the difference between being dressed and being well-dressed. 

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