Talking the Talk: How to Speak with Your Tailor

If it's your first time getting clothes made or altered or whether you've had an array of apparel created and fitted specifically for you, we all know it's sometimes nerve-wracking when you have to speak to your tailor. 

The tailor is a master craftsman and you are not. This simple fact is enough to get many people shy or nervous when it comes to voicing their desires to a tailor. When it comes to custom clothing, your desires and how you want it is the most important (besides the actual clothes of course). A couple of tips when walking into a studio to get your clothes fitted and made:

Don't Be Afraid to Speak Up!

Your tailor will know what you want if you describe what you're looking for even if you're vernacular isn't on point. Make sure you at least have an idea of what you want and let your tailor take it from there.

Prepare a Little in Advance

Wear the best fitting suit or sport coat that you like (the style or the fit that you'd like to duplicate or improve upon), read over some terminology, research the difference between certain clothing and definitely bring in some pictures if you see something you really like.

3) Ask Questions!

- If you're not sure about something make sure to speak your mind and make sure everything is clear for you. Your tailor is not a mind reader and asking questions to clarify any confusion can eliminate the potential for miscommunication.

4) Be open and honest.

- Just because it's recommended or your tailor likes it doesn't mean that you must like it or want it. On the flip side, be open minded to their recommendations because they know what is in style and fashionable today. They are there to serve you and your wants and if you're not honest, you might end up walking out with something you won’t want to wear!

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Orhan London Tailoring 05/16/2017 05:29 AM
Very much interesting blog! You have shown the people to how to talk with the tailors and really it helped me out to talk with my personal tailor. Thank You!
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