How long should shirts last?


             Now while it is hard to say how long a quality shirt will last due to variations in how often a shirt is worn. A better measure is how many washings a shirt will withstand and still look good. The Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute says says that industry experience indicates that a shirt should have a wear life of 35 to 50 washings. The biggest problem with ready made shirts, is the consistence of the find. You may find a shirt in a brand that fits perfect, the problem is when you buy more than one it will not fit the same as the first. The whole idea on custom shirts is that you spend a little more money on the front end that will end up benefiting you on the back end by having a better fit, lasting longer and looking better. We take over 15 different measurements to insure we find your correct size. Come see us at WT Clothiers and we'll have you wearing the highest quality, longest lasting and best looking shirts on the market. Todd Baldwin, the owner of William T. Clothiers, uses his 30+ years of experience in the menswear business to give clients their ideal shirt. He can cater to the man who enjoys a looser fit, or the man who is looking for a more “tight” and fitted shirt.





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