How and when to wear an untucker shirt

You've seen men wearing their shirts untucked. If you want to enjoy this current trend (often called "the outside shirt" since the shirt is designed for the tail to be worn outside trousers), you need to have your custom shirts constructed specifically for that use, because a traditional-cut shirt worn untucked has an unfortunate tendency to flair like a bell at the hips.
Here's how we'll build your outside shirts:
  1. We make sure the length is just right to create the correct silhouette for your body type to wear these shirts.
  2. We adjust the proportions for the finished dimensions between chest, waist, and hip measurements, to give it a flattering drape on your frame.
  3. We hem the shirt so that the tail ends in the bottom half of the trouser fly area to achieve the correct visual proportions.
The outside shirt is a great option for a casual shirt that's still appropriate for many business occasions. Note: This style of shirt is best suited for thinner gentlemen, whose frames can accept the additional fabric required. Heavier gentlemen may find that an untucked shirt creates the illusion of excess girth.

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