How to make Gray work for you!

We often think of "going gray" as part of aging. However, when it comes to men's suits, some gray suits can actually bring a fresh, youthful look into your wardrobe. Here are some tips on choosing just the right gray for your custom ensemble:
Light gray:
Lighter grays are perfect for weddings and social occasions. Paired with whites or pastels, they offer a luxuriously serene vibe-or can be worn with bolder colors for a pop of color.
Medium gray:
When comparing light and medium grays, it can be difficult to know where the dividing line is. If a white thread is easily visible when placed over a gray suit, the suit is medium gray. If the white thread blends in, it's a light gray. For medium gray suits, consider a gray-on-gray pattern to create visual and textural depth, such as Prince of Wales plaid, Glen Check plaid, or gray tweed.
Dark gray: Darker grays are more formal, which makes them an excellent choice for suits designed to be worn during important business occasions or at funerals. While the purist gentleman will tailor his tuxedo in the blackest of blacks, consider designing your custom tuxedo in dark gray, to help you stand out at any event with unique style.
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