Strategies to still look good during Covid-19!

You don't necessarily need to add formality to look dressier. Here are six interchangeable strategies for upping your game with little effort. Explore one-or more-the next time you want to quickly create an elegant look when the occasion doesn't call for formalwear.
  • Loosen the tie (or lose it entirely and unbutton the shirt collar) and add a pocket square to your coat. This adds visual interest without cluttering the ensemble.
  • Opt for a spread collar and silk tie to create an appearance with a greater sense of gravitas.
  • Add a V-neck sweater or vest and subtract the tie to add layers. Be sure to keep the additional layers thin, unless you are seeking to also add warmth to the outfit.
  • Build your trousers with adjustable side tabs to eliminate the need for a belt or braces.
  • Add a pair of crisp, dark jeans to rotate with your typical khaki or corduroy trousers during after-hours social occasions.
  • Switch out your pleated trousers on occasion in favor of a pair of flat fronts with impeccable fit and styling. 
By planning ahead with your custom wardrobe, you can be sure to be better dressed, without being overly formal for the event at hand.
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