Framing your neck to make the impression you want!

Your neck-and the way your clothing frames it-are critical to the impression you make. When we design custom shirts for our clients, we take these considerations into account:
  • For gentlemen with more than one chin, we make sure to cut the collar so that it offers sufficient breathing room. This avoids constriction and de-emphasizes any excess skin.
  • When seeking to slim a client's appearance, we consider longer, pointed collars, which extend the jawline for a tapering effect.
  • We can soften the appearance of a square face by slightly rounding the collar tips. The reverse is also true: we can create the impression of a stronger jawline with a spread collar.
  • For a longer neck, we may suggest a tab collar or pin, or perhaps double buttons on the collar band, to visually break up the space and improve the sense of balance.
  • When designing shirts for a shorter neck, we can create better proportions by shortening the height of the collar or the collar band. 
For all gentlemen, no matter their individual proportions or styles, we carefully consider the spread of the collar, and the thickness of the tie knot. Although the neck area is only a fraction of your total appearance, creating a pleasing aspect in this part of the ensemble is vital to your overall appearance.
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