Coordinating colors and layers

Adding coordinating layers to an outfit can take it from drab to dazzling. Here are three strategies that can help you use layers to achieve a style boost without spending lot of time pulling the look together.
  • Monochromatic: Select a tie in the color of your suit, and you can combine vest, tie, and coat (for example: dark gray tie with a dark gray three-piece suit).
  • Alternating colors: Choose two colors that work well together, such as navy and citrus, and alternate them (for example: navy tie, lemon/lime/tangerine vest, navy suit).
  • Alternating plus: Add one piece in a lighter or darker tone used in the alternating color scheme (light blue shirt, navy tie, citrus vest, navy suit)
  • Solids and patterns: If you are already comfortable choosing colors that work well together, try layering patterned pieces over solid ones (for example: solid shirt, striped tie, solid coat, polka dot pocket square). Be careful to use patterns sparingly in each layered outfit, to avoid overwhelming the eye.
For more specific ideas about layering within your existing wardrobe, give us a call today. We are always happy to brainstorm on easy ways to achieve your signature style.
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