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  • Custom Belts Custom Belts can take your wardrobe to the next level
  • The Pocket Square The pocket square is a underused clothing accessory that can help improve your image.
  • Sofio's Closing The closing of Sofio's in Tyson's
  • WT Clothiers Look of the Week A complete combination of clothing from WT clothiers. Showcasing our favorite offerings for the month of February
  • Reasons to Hire a Wardrobe Consultant One of the best ways to get everything together is to solicit some help. Therefore, for those who may be interested in retaining the services of a wardrobe consultant,
  • Does Your Clothing Fit Correctly Nothing makes a person look worse than when their clothes don’t fit correctly. You may think an outfit’s snugness would be all you need to tell if your clothes fit incorrectly, but this isn’t always the case.
  • WT Clothiers in the News Fox5 News was on a “Zip Trip” today and visited the City of Fairfax. I was able to meet Steve Cheveney, one of the morning news anchors.
  • Tie Say About You There are many aspects to men’s fashion, but one of the most fun and interesting is the style of the tie. While many men don’t realize it, the type of tie they wear and the style of the tie says a lot about their personality.